Portal, your secure access gateway

Portal is a simple, secure and robust service to give you remote access to all your Windows and Linux workstations.

Directly in your web browser

No plugin or client software needed. Thanks to the power of HTML5, once Portal is installed on your server, all you need to access your desktop is a web browser. We process RDP/VNC surfaces and send them in an HTTPS stream and directly display your desktop in a simple interface from any computer.

A single point of connection to your workstations

Portal is a simple and lightweight interface that allows you to configure access to all your virtual or physical workstations. Take advantage of its two-factor authentication, intrusion detection and real-time alerts to secure and monitor your users' accesses. You do not need to open ports or configure special external access, your users only know one entry point, and you decide which machines are accessible to them.

With our real-time video recording system, you have the ability to record and replay user sessions to prevent and detect data leaks.

Protect the future of your company.
Protect your data.

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