Secure Processing of Sensitive Information

Developed to meet the protection needs against interception, leakage and tampering threats, SanctuarIS solutions enable the processing, storage and exchange of sensitive data in a dedicated and highly protected Information System.

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A secure and modular ecosystem

SanctuarIS is also used to create virtual and ephemeral War Rooms to address strategic topics, as well as to provide secure workstations and collaborative work tools to teams in charge of sensitive projects.

Intuitive interface

Deploy, customize, delegate in a few clicks and without technical knowledge.

Compartmentalized & encrypted file server

Your users only access an isolated part of the file server.

Centralized software management

Simplified and automated deployment, coupled with regular and transparent updates for your users.

Strong partitioning and encryption

Our ecosystem is installed with multiple sealing layers with full encryption of communications, storage partitions and workstations.


For greater security, all services and exchanges are proxified to be analyzed and protected from any internal threat.

Two-factor authentication

Customize your two-factor authentication: Yubikey, Google Authenticator...

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Secure workstations

The underlying concepts of SanctuarIS are those of desktop virtualization, augmented by strong security requirements. Our solution provides access to secure workstations and a set of sharing services (chat, email, files) that can operate in isolation or be open to other systems and applications. SanctuarIS is accessible with a web browser and a standard network connection (also works with mobile networks) and can be used in combination with our Mobile Thin Client.

Keep your data safe

SanctuarIS solutions have been designed on the principles of in-depth defense and a special effort has been made to reduce the risks from technical administrators. Only Business Users have access to Sensitive Information and all management use cases are handled by Managers who deploy Protected Workstations and assign access rights to the different shared services. SanctuarIS can be deployed in SaaS, PaaS, Iaas and On Premise. The choice of the deployment mode is guided by the acceptable level of delegation for the management and operation of the solution.

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Protect your data.

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